Terms and Conditions.

General Terms: All online transactions made through our website onsitesafety.ca are final.
when you complete your order, you acknowledge and agree to these terms as part of our overall Terms and Conditions.

Conditions for a Full Refund:

  1. Technical Issues: If you help our company while finding a technical issue, and want to redact a detailed report so our devs can reproduce it we will issue you a full refund for a course.
  2. Incorrect Product: If the product/service delivered is different or a mismatch of the one origininally purchased.
  3. Incorrect Quantity: If there’s an error in the quantity of your purchase.
    Note: We refuse refunds in cases where it appears the refund policy is being exploited, or you are sharing the learning material, we consider it a form of piracy.

Situations Excluded from Refunds:

  • Decision to no longer use or need the course.
  • Course does not meet personal expectations.
  • Lack of prerequisite expertise for the course.
  • Preference for a different type of training by an employer or union.
  • Switching a logical scenario the course, we will give you a course for free if you purchased related courses but did not noticed sequence or that they were not related, just similar, and give you the correct one.

Refund Process Requirements:

  • Provide us with:
  • Order ID Starts with an SS_,
  • Email address.
  • Valid Reason: A justification for the refund, aligning with the eligible reasons stated above.

Refunds are processed using the original payment method. Post-refund, access to the related service will be revoked, and if no other active purchases exist, the customer’s account will be permanently deleted from our system.

To Initiate a Refund: Please contact us via email with the required information and a clear refund request.