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Achieve Certification with Our Fall Protection Training Program: designed to equip workers across multiple industries—including Construction, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Drilling and Service Rigs, Power Generation, and Industrial Environments—with crucial knowledge on fall hazards, safety measures, and fall arrest legislation. This course thoroughly covers the theoretical and practical use of fall protection equipment, ensuring you’re prepared to tackle workplace fall hazards confidently

What sets this course apart from others?

  • Exclusively made for Canada: Made by Canadians and Newcomers for Canadians, and Newcomers.
  • Engaging Content Delivery: Experience a dynamic learning environment with our cutting-edge format that makes learning both entertaining and informative.
  • Interactive Assessments: Engage with interactive quizzes after each chapter to ensure readiness for the final certification exam.
  • Comprehensive Resources: all Arrest and Travel Restraint Systems: Falls are a leading cause of injuries in the workplace, making it essential for workers to be proficient in fall arrest and travel restraint systems. Using fall protection equipment incorrectly can lead to hazardous situations, emphasizing the need for comprehensive training.

What topics will you cover?

  • Legislation and Response: Get up-to-date knowledge on fall protection legislation, emergency response planning, and the requirements for a practical fall protection system.
  • Fall Arrest and Travel Restraint Systems: Learn the differences between fall arrest systems that halt a fall in progress and travel restraint systems that prevent access to fall risk areas.
  • Comprehensive Protection Methods: Explore control access zones, guardrails, work positioning systems, and safety nets to enhance workplace safety.
  • Equipment and Planning: Understand the use of fall protection lanyards, retractable equipment, anchor connectors, vertical lifelines, and harnesses. Delve into creating effective fall protection plans and the necessities of fall rescue planning.
  • Anchor Points: Explore the use and selection of anchor points, including permanent, temporary, and existing structural anchors, and learn the importance of following manufacturer’s recommendations and when engineering approval is needed.
  • Ladders and Similar Equipment: Learn when and how to appropriately use ladders, the care for different types, their advantages and disadvantages, and the training required for safe usage.
  • Mechanics and Physics – Gain a solid foundation in the mechanics and physics with your arrest, and restraint systems..
  • Equipment Use, Maintenance, and Testing: Cover the setup, maintenance, inspection, and storage of fall restraint and arrest equipment, including the function of shock absorbers, lifeline protection, and rope grab setups.
  • Emergencies and Rescue Planning: Conclude with rescue planning essentials, including the purpose, components, and the roles and obligations in fall rescue plans and emergency procedures.
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